Addon - Nkosi - Macuahuitl
Addon - Nkosi - Macuahuitl
Addon - Nkosi - Macuahuitl

Addon - Nkosi - Macuahuitl

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Premium 3D printable accessories for Nkosi - The Fallen Sage (STL) -

In the aftermath of Tollan's Desolation, remnants of Astur's war-torn past lie hidden, waiting to be unearthed. The Macuahuitl, a testament to this legacy, stands as one of these coveted rarities. Its obsidian blades, which once gleamed in sync with the haunting cadence of war drums, now whisper tales of relentless combat and Asturian might. For those lucky few who find and wield it today, it isn't merely a weapon; it's a bridge to a time when Astur was consumed by the fires of unending battle.

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Recommended Printer Build Size:
129mm x 80mm x 60mm

Addon - Nkosi - Macuahuitl was sculpted by Dan Petersen

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