Terms And Conditions

All products available in our store are digital downloadable files, and
are not physical items. Please note we have clearly stated this in our product descriptions, and as a result, we do not issue refunds for cases where buyers mistake our digital products for physical items. We encourage our customers to review product descriptions carefully before making a purchase to ensure they fully understand the nature of the products they are acquiring.

Personal License & Digital File Use

By purchasing from our store, Black Forge Games grants you a
non-transferable license to use the content for your personal use only. All digital files available on our website are intended for personal use only. Any distribution or sale of our STL files is strictly prohibited. This includes modified or altered versions of these files. Selling physical prints or creating molds to reproduce physical copies of our products is prohibited. If you wish to sell our digital or physical products, please contact us to become a licensed merchant.

Black Forge Games wholeheartedly appreciates your commitment to this agreement. Piracy significantly affects small businesses like ours. As creators, we invest time, energy, and resources into quality content for our community. However, unauthorized sharing undermines our efforts and challenges our creative sustainability. We rely on your support to keep producing content you love. Respecting copyright and backing us through legitimate means helps sustain small businesses. Your commitment gives us the support to keep creating. Thank you.

For any clarification on situations not covered above please reach out to us at: contact@blackforgegames.co.nz