Black Forge Games

Our vision is simple - rich worldbuilding, captivating gameplay, and stunning sculptures.

We're dedicated to forging immersive worlds that transport you, crafting games that ignite thrill and rivalry, and sculpting creations that not only spark imagination through visual narrative, but offer an incredibly satisfying assembly experience.

Meet The four Forgemen

Born from the great Nebula of Insanity and bound with one purpose - to bring to fruition the desires of the boardgame overlords. As we set forth to fulfill the prophecies, secretly crafting our upcoming board game 'Blood Oak – Chapter 1', we have embarked on an epic side quest: diving into the realm of 3D-printed sculptures.

Amidst the captivating landscapes of New Zealand, the Four Forgemen continue their quest, crafting tirelessly, following the cryptic whispers of the shadows and weaving dreams into reality. In the brief span of but a few moon's dances, BFG has quickly woven its name into the tapestry of the community, renowned for conjuring exquisite, otherworldly creations of the highest order.

Now, as the veils of destiny part, it is your turn to step into the tale. Embark on a journey to unveil the mysteries of Blood Oak, and stand beside us as we forge a legion of 3D-printed warriors.

General Manager


A huge fan of horror movies, treasure hunting with his metal detector, and having fun with his mates on FPS games.

Also, a dedicated advocate for public administration, policy-making, and cross-sector collaboration.

With a seasoned understanding of both the corporate and governmental landscapes, Fin adds a strategic dimension to our team. His role as a General Manager, complemented by his involvement in the New Zealand government, equips him with leadership qualities that are both dynamic and insightful.

Since joining us, Fin has been instrumental in navigating organizational challenges, fostering collaborations, and ensuring our actions resonate with practicality and social responsibility.

Creative Director


A passionate enthusiast of horror movies, hiking, painting, board games, and FPS games.

With a rich imagination, coupled with his expertise in film production, storytelling, and the psychology of horror films, Luiz brings a unique lens to our team.

Since 2018, he has been crafting distinctive characters and weaving intricate narratives. He ensures that every character and board game we produce is not just entertaining, but also intellectually stimulating and memorable.

Lead 3D Sculptor


Inspired by all things sci-fi or otherworldly, Dan's creative spirit thrives on crafting character and creature designs that embody the uncanny, creepy or macabre.

Since 2018, Dan has been an integral part of our creative ensemble, contributing as our in-house 3D sculptor and designer. Armed with a Masters in Design Technology, and enriched by collaborations with industry leaders such as Weta Workshop, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic flair to the team.

Content and Community Manager


A devoted aficionado of books, movies, and the art of metaphor.

Enzo, our ever-creative community beacon, has a knack for connecting with our audience in ways that truly resonate. Not only does he fluently communicate and expand upon the vision of the company, but his diverse skill set also spans from sharp editing to producing (and bringing to life) dazzling animations.

A voracious book lover and a soul of serenity, Enzo brings a touch of tranquility into the bustling dynamics of our company. His talents not only amplify our message but also ensure our community feels heard, valued, and excited about what's next.

Forge's Little Helpers

Meet the unsung heroes, our elusive collaborators, weaving their magic behind the scenes to help bring our projects to life – true masters of completing the bits and bobs.

3D Print Pre-Support


Fresh to the creative arena, Joe has quickly become an integral part of our team, handling pre-supports for our monthly Patreon sculpts and loyalty rewards!

Streamer And Advocate


Prince Yahonnes is our chief streamer and advocate! His passion and drive have provided us with our dream opportunity to give back to our community through his charity work.