3D Sculpting Services

Transform your character or creature concept art into tangible reality. Our team will collaborate with you to craft a highly detailed digital sculpture that brings your unique designs and ideas to life, all while upholding the same level of quality you can expect from our own collections.

Whether you have a fully fleshed-out concept art or just a budding idea, we're equipped to sculpt your vision. Even from the most basic concept, our skilled artists can work with you to refine the details and intricacies, ensuring the final digital sculpture captures the essence of your imagination. Your creative journey is important to us, and we're here to guide your concept from the spark of inspiration to a stunning, three-dimensional masterpiece.

3D Print Processing - Cut And Keying

Converting a standard 3D model into a 3D-printable sculpture involves a series of essential processing steps such as:

  • Strategically splitting and consolidating the elements of the model into complete, interlocking parts.
  • Thoroughly checking and fixing problematic areas like thin or irregular meshes.
  • Adding assembly keys.
  • Hollowing out interiors.
  • Optimizing final parts to move on to pre-supporting.

Our team is equipped to handle these intricate processes on your behalf, seamlessly transforming your 3D model into a printable masterpiece.

At BFG we believe that the experience of assembling a sculpture should be as enjoyable as the act of painting it. Hence, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our sculptures are not only visually captivating but also incredibly satisfying to put together. Rest assured, this commitment extends to your models as well. You can trust us to deliver the same level of care and expertise to your projects.

3D Print Processing - Pre-supporting

Pre-supporting involves adding temporary structures to a model before printing, ensuring accurate, high-quality results. This process entails analyzing the model's geometry to identify intricate
features, overhangs, and areas that might pose printing challenges. Custom support structures are then strategically generated and integrated into the digital model. These supports act as scaffolding during printing, preventing deformities and ensuring the faithful reproduction of complex shapes.

Our specialized service offers the convenience of expertly pre-supporting your models, optimizing them for seamless printing without compromising on fine details.

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Important note: If you are requesting sculpting services based on existing characters or intellectual property, you must possess the necessary intellectual property rights for us to proceed with your request. Please include these details in your message if applicable.

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