Tenjin Ultimate Collectors - Digital Bundle

Tenjin Ultimate Collectors - Digital Bundle

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Premium 3D Printable Collectors Bundle (STL) -

Dive into the dark journey of Tenjin with the ultimate digital collection crafted for true aficionados. From mythical creatures to ancient lore, this bundle is your ticket to an immersive experience that celebrates the mystical universe of Tenjin.

What's Inside?

  • Tenjin Torii Portal: Step into the mesmerizing gateway that serves as an entry to the sacred Old World.

  • Tenjin Cursed Scholar: Experience this high-quality figure of a scholar who sought purpose and forever altered his destiny.

  • Kojiro Series: Delve into the enigmatic world of Kojiro, featuring the elusive Fox, wise Owl, and stealthy Panther, each embodying a distinct element of Tenjin's dark essence.

  • Corrupted Tenjin: Encounter the darker side of Tenjin, a testament to the balance of light and shadow.

  • Tenjin Lore and Art Book PDF: Dive deeper into the story of Tenjin. This exclusive digital art book provides insights, into arts, and the tale behind the world of Tenjin.

  • Garden Base: Set the scene with a serene digital garden.

  • Chibi Series: Brighten up your collection with the adorable Chibi Fox and the playful Chibi Tenjin. 

Embrace the magic, mystery, and lore of Tenjin with this all-encompassing bundle. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the realm, the Tenjin Ultimate Collectors - Digital Bundle offers an exclusive passage into the heart of the Blood Oak Universe.

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