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Step into a universe meticulously crafted for 3D Printables, Board Games, and Animations. Here, age-old energies ripple through time, legends awaken, and every crafted piece narrates an epic tale.

Where Artistry

Meets precision

Each sculpt from the Blood Oak range is meticulously crafted, ensuring easy assembling and longevity.

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In a world of replicas, Blood Oak stands apart. Our figures, inspired by history and timeless myths, carve their sagas in a realm of dark fantasy.

Each component is designed with a perfect fit in mind, ensuring a seamless and rewarding assembly experience.

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LED integration

Enhance your journey. With integrated LED options, every figure doesn’t just tell a tale, it shines a light on it, adding depth and dimension to the narrative.
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Unveil the lore

Discover the multiple clues and hints within the details of our sculpts. Can you decipher the story?


Find the hidden meaning and connections between the characters of Blood Oak.

Art That Resonates

Experience a personal connection with every piece. Feel the emotion and dialogue crafted into them.

The twelve Ancestors are collectible figures tied to the Blood Oak lore. Perfect for display or enhancing other games, their narrative depth and top-notch 3D print quality make them a must-have for lore enthusiasts.

Our Purpose

Our vision is simple - to create rich worldbuilding, captivating gameplay, and stunning sculptures.

We are committed to forging immersive worlds that transport you to other realms, crafting games that ignite both thrill and rivalry, and sculpting pieces that not only enliven your imagination through visual storytelling but also provide an incredibly satisfying assembly experience.

Your Journey awaits

Unravel the Lore

Imagine a saga where the very fabric of existence is woven from the threads of twelve mystical realms, each pulsing with the lifeblood of the All-Mother's ancient energies. Picture a world where the balance of everything hangs on the precipice, a place caught between the raw luminescence of creation and the consuming void of the abyss. This is 'Blood Oak.'

At the core of our story lies an eternal struggle against a primordial force—a villainy born from the darkest corners of desire. These entities, the Sundered, are not merely villains; they are the personification of ego run amok, an insatiable hunger to rewrite the cosmos in their image, defying the sacred dance of life and death.

As these entities stretch their shadow across the realms, we are thrust into an age where the Guardians—immense beings who once stood sentinel against such threats—are disappearing, fading into the stuff of legends and leaving the universe teetering on the brink of collapse.

Enter our last Guardian, a figure of immense power and enigmatic purpose, who must unite a pantheon of legends across the realms to ignite the last stand against destruction. It's an epic tale of alliances and betrayals, a narrative where every life bears the sacred weight of existence and every end is a note in the grand symphony of life and death.

This isn't just a story; it's a journey through a universe where the line between order and chaos is challenged—a 3D Printable-almost-cinematic experience that explores the grandest of themes: the nature of life itself, the pursuit of immortality, and the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.

We invite you to embark on this venture with us, to continue to bring 'Blood Oak' to life—an evolving IP with its rich lore, complex characters, and a world as vast in its scale as it is deep in its philosophies. Together, we can craft not just a universe, but a legacy—one that resonates with our generation and the ones to come.

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