Our journey began in the deepest reaches of the cosmos, where secrets untold by human tongues linger in the void. The quest to capture the essence of the unknown, the horror of overwhelming knowledge, has given birth to the creatures we call "The Sundered" and "The Corrupted" in Blood Oak. Their designs reflects the agony of a mind tortured by truths beyond comprehension. Every grotesque feature is a testament to the unbearable burden of forbidden wisdom. Their forms twist and contort, a visual manifestation of the cosmic chaos that has consumed them. Madness, an essential part of their nature, is etched into every inch of their being. Their eyes, once windows to the soul, now stare blankly, lost in the void of boundless, cosmic madness. Feral snarls and distorted, otherworldly cries echo the tortured screams of a mind shattered by revelation.

The presence of The Corrupted is a harbinger of chaos and destruction. As they roam, driven by insanity, their twisted forms reshape the world around them, warping it into a nightmarish reflection of the unfathomable abyss from which they emerged. They leave only devastation in their wake, the physical embodiment of their existential horror.

Our team sought inspiration from John Carpenter, H.P. Lovecraft and Guillermo del Toro to breathe life into these creatures. And we would like to invite you to bear witness to their madness, but be warned: the knowledge you seek may leave you forever changed, lost in the void like the tortured souls of The Corrupted.

Aettir The First Giants
The First


Venture into the Attir's history to unveil the birth of the first Corrupted.