The Cosmic Horror of

The Sundered

As planets found their orbits and life began to take root, the Aettir, the first Giants, ever-thirsty for knowledge, were the first to gaze beyond their celestial cradle. Compelled by insatiable curiosity, they embarked on cosmic voyages, charting courses through the unexplored abyss. It was during one such journey that they stumbled upon a nebulous entity, a sentient mass of corruption pulsating in the interstellar void.

The Aettir, drawn to the anomaly, quickly discovered that it resonated with a familiar cosmic energy, the same that had given birth to their world and their kin. This pulsating mass was a vestige of the tumultuous creation of their universe.

Upon this discovery, the Aettir became fascinated and horrified in equal measure. The energy from it was seductively inviting, its whispers promising secrets of the cosmos that even the most learned among them could only dream of. Yet, it was tainted by an insidious madness, its whispers interspersed with cryptic references to a lost part of itself.

This mass, it seemed, was incomplete. It yearned for its lost half, believing that once reunited, it would achieve its purpose, reach fulfillment. In its desire and desperation, it reached out, and The Sundered were born - the physical manifestations of longing, desires and insanity.

Touched by its insanity, the Aettir unwittingly became the first vessels of The Sundered. The corruption seeped into their beings, warping them from within, and with each transformation, the whispers of the heart grew louder. Their pursuit of enlightenment opened the path to their downfall.

Aettir The First Giants

The first Sundered attir

Corrupted Giant