Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base
Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base
Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base
Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base
Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base
Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base
Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base

Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base

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A Premium 3D printable base upgrade for Voljaryk - The First Skjöldungar (STL) -

The ground seethes with runic flames, bearing witness to Voljaryk's harrowing final standoff against his own bloodline. The intensity of the clash, imbued with familial grief and the weight of destiny, resonates in every fiery tendril that erupts from beneath.

Embodying the climax of Voljaryk's saga, the Runic Flame Base serves as an essential component of the diorama, immortalizing his fateful confrontation with his offspring. Designed with intricate details to convey the raw energy and emotion of the scene, this piece also offers functional improvements: it comes complete with a redesigned set of legs for Voljaryk, ensuring enhanced stability and balance when showcased."

Elevate your display experience with our LED-ready design feature.

This figure comes crafted with integrated pathways, optimizing it for LED enhancements. Bring their world to life and let your collection shine brighter than ever!
Just install your choice of LED lights and watch as your figure transforms, radiating with life and magic.

Please Note: This is a digital product (3D Printable files) Figures not included. LED lighting is not included. Please read our terms & conditions for more information.

  • Pre-Supported and Standard Files
  • Includes Files For Support Editing

Height: 26.8cm
Width: 26.5cm
Depth: 23.5cm
(Including Height of Figure)

Recommended Printer Build Size:
129mm x 80mm x 60mm

Voljaryk - Runic Flame Base was sculpted by Dan Petersen

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