Kojiro - Owl Evolution
Kojiro - Owl Evolution
Kojiro - Owl Evolution

Kojiro - Owl Evolution

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A Premium 3D Printable Collectable (STL) -

In the still hours of the night, Tenjin felt the forest's gaze upon him—a pair of eyes, sharp yet distant, like the moonlit edge of a blade. Only the soft flutter of wings revealed the truth: Kojiro, seeking his next prey, surveyed from above.

Kojiro was a reminder for his master that a wild mind cannot fulfill that of what is expected of him.

During the 1st Century in Japan, Kojiro, a bestial shapeshifter, brought fear into the villagers' hearts after deadly encounters in the woods. His acquired forms became myths which to this day are still related to trickster evil spirits.

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Height: 14.5cm
Width: 7.7cm
Depth: 7.7cm

Recommended Printer Build Size:
129mm x 80mm x 60mm

Kojiro - Owl Evolution was sculpted by Dan Petersen

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