Eclipsed Memories - Our first Patreon Loyalty Reward

Eclipsed Memories - Our first Patreon Loyalty Reward

Welcome to the evolving world of 3D printable characters, where artistry and imagination fuse into unique masterpieces. We're delighted to unveil "Eclipsed Memories", the premier art piece in our new line of display items that provides a glimpse into the souls of our beloved characters.

"Eclipsed Memories" is more than just a model; it's our way of saying thanks to a community that's as passionate and dedicated as we are.

Join our Patreon, and in four months' time, "Eclipsed Memories" will be yours, along with access to monthly exclusive STLs. These files offer an insider's look at our creative process and the hidden narratives within the Blood Oak Universe.

The journey with us is continuous. By becoming a part of our Patreon circle, you're granted access to our exclusive Discord channel — a gathering place for enthusiasts and lore buffs to exchange ideas and celebrate the art of creation.

Ready to embark on the Tenjin Mind quest and discover the Blood Oak's mysteries? The path begins on Patreon.

And to our beloved patrons who have journeyed with us for four moons, the moment has nearly arrived. "Eclipsed Memories" is ready to make its way to your vault.

In the coming days of this month, prepare to experience something new.

The featured image, captured by FauxHammer, gives just a hint of what to expect. You can access his channel Here and delve deeper into his amazing videos.

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  • Josh

    Can’t wait for it!!

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