Friday, 18 February 2022

Important announcement to all our community, supporters, and peers.

Hello one and all,

We bring some news to you regarding the planned Nkosi Kickstarter, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our direct control our planned date of launch of February 2022 will not be going ahead and the campaign will be placed on hold until a later date.

As sad as that is to announce it’s important to know that this does not change the fact Nkosi will be launch within the next Quarter of 2022. In fact, we feel it will only strengthen it’s plans as we have already got the plans and work well underway including some beautifully detailed modelling by the talented Raphael! @raphalbero

We will provide more information as we move forward over the coming weeks. Thank you all for the support and encouragement we have received, and we will continue to aim to deliver you a kickass Kickstarter in 2022!

So, what’s next and where does that leave Black Forge Games, well as Nkosi remains bubbling away nicely on the stove our concentration continues on delivering the remainder of our Tenjin and Voljaryk campaigns! With portal’s, corruption, packaging flying around the globe and bloodlines in the works a lot of exciting things are coming out of the forge so don’t worry we are not going anywhere.

With all the love and thanks from our wider team,

Fin, Luiz, Dan and Enzo

Black Forge Games 🖤