Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage
Nkosi - The Fallen Sage

Nkosi - The Fallen Sage

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A Premium 3D Printable Collectable (STL) -

In the scorched remnants of Tollan's once-hallowed halls, Nkosi moved with a purpose, his rage palpable in every thunderous step. With every wisdom keeper he laid low, the weight on his heart grew, yet his resolve never wavered. These were the Asturians responsible for his son’s demise, and they would all pay.

But as he approached the threshold of the mysterious portal, a soft cry pierced the air. From the shadows, the wide eyes of a youngling met his. A child, innocent yet heir to the lineage he so despised. Nkosi hesitated, a tumult of emotions raging inside him.

Memories of Xola's laughter, their shared moments, flooded his mind. For an instant, he saw his son in the child before him. Yet, the knowledge that this child, if left to grow, could one day harness the forbidden magical capabilities of Aya and return to challenge him, gnawed at Nkosi's conscience.

The child, sensing the looming threat, quickly retreated into the portal. Torn between his paternal instincts and the need to safeguard his world, Nkosi, with a heavy heart, decided he couldn't take the risk. Accompanied by his fiercest warrior, he ventured into the portal, ready to confront whatever lay ahead and ensure the lineage that threatened his people's future was extinguished.

Nkosi, once hailed as a sage among his people, chose self-exile when he found himself at odds with Tollan's evolving ethos.

With the death of Xola, his beloved son. The anguish it wrought in Nkosi’s heart tore asunder the walls he had built around his emotions. This wasn't just a father’s grief; it was an ancient fury, a culmination of suppressed sentiments the Asturians had forgotten.

In his zealous pursuit of vengeance, Nkosi rid Tollan of those he believed harboured mystical secrets. Yet, as the final wisdom keeper met their fate, a chilling sound echoed across the horizon — the guttural cries of nightmarish creatures from forgotten tales. In his wrath, Nkosi had inadvertently purged the city of its last defences and left it vulnerable to its impending doom.

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Height: 27.7cm
Width: 25.9cm
Depth: 17.2cm

Minimum Printer Build Size:
129mm x 80mm x 60mm

Nkosi - The Fallen Sage was sculpted by Rapahael Albero

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