Addon - Winter Ellika
Addon - Winter Ellika
Addon - Winter Ellika
Addon - Winter Ellika

Addon - Winter Ellika

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Premium 3D Printable accessories for Ellika - The undefeated (STL) -

Snowflakes danced in the cold Nordic air, settling gently on Ellika's armored shoulders. Beneath her, the evidence of her prowess: a mighty bear defeated in combat. As the villagers celebrated the Midwinter feast, her victory was not just over the beast but against the biting cold and darkness.

Embrace the frost-bitten chill of the North with 'Winter Ellika'. Clad in snow-kissed armaments and standing triumphant over the felled bear, once a shadow of dread, now conquered. 

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  • Pre-Supported and Standard Files
  • Includes Files For Support Editing

Height: 23.2cm
Width: 19.6cm
Depth: 15.4cm
(When Assembled with Ellika)

Recommended Printer Build Size:
129mm x 80mm x 60mm

Addon - Winter Ellika was sculpted by Dan Petersen

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